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We've worked with some of Australia's leading agricultural companies, and we're proud to say that we've built some fantastic products that are really making a difference in the field.

Here's a selection of some of our favorite projects.

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Yield Prophet

Yield Prophet is our flagship product, and has been developed and maintained by Square V staff for over 10 years. Yield Prophet is an agricultural decision-support tool that allows farmers and agronomists to use the flagship APSIM crop model (developed by CSIRO and the APSIM Initiative) to understand the effects of environmental variables and management decisions on their crop yields.

In 2015, Square V conducted exploratory research with current and potential Yield Prophet users to understand the ways that the product could better support their needs in the field. Based on the results of this research, Yield Prophet has undergone a complete redesign as of early 2016 and has relaunched as a modern product, in-line with the expectations of farmers and agronomists.

Yield Prophet is built as a responsive website utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET and C#, integrating to a SQL database and to the APSIM API. Square V also hosts and maintains the APSIM Server that provides the modelled data for Yield Prophet outputs. The Yield Prophet product is under continuing active development, and we work closely with both the Birchip Cropping Group and CSIRO/APSIM Initiative to add new features and functionality to the system.

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Farm4Prophet brings together financial, risk, and agronomic modelling to allow farmers and their consultants to explore "big picture" questions about farming. Farm4Prophet is a complex product built as a responsive website utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET and C#, integrating to a SQL database and to the APSIM external API.

As part of the Farm4Prophet team, Square V was initially responsible for designing the product concept - moving the project from an idea to a tangible series of wireframes that locked down the required inputs and outputs and created a cohesive and easy-to-use product.

Throughout the project, Square V provided technical leadership, designing the architecture and working with other subcontractors to ensure clean communication between different components. Square V directly built the financial and risk modelling components of the product, along with the integration/calculation layer that utilises the data returned from the APSIM model, and finally the website and database.

Yield Prophet Lite

Yield Prophet Lite began as an Excel spreadsheet, intended as an easy and quick calculator for the French and Schultz water-use efficiency model, with the project goal being to transfer this to both the web and a native iOS app, and to incorporate the Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia (POAMA/ACCESS) weather model.

Square V redesigned the user interface to work in both a web and native iOS format, and worked with agronomic and scientific advisers to ensure that the calculator's output provided the necessary detail in a format that was intuitive and easy to understand.

Yield Prophet Lite for the web is built as a responsive web application utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET and C#, integrating to the SILO climate database and POAMA/ACCESS external APIs. Yield Prophet Lite for iOS is built as a native iOS application in the Swift programming language and integrating to the same external APIs.

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National Paddock Survey

The National Paddock Survey is a multi-year project, collecting agronomic and crop performance data throughout the cropping cycle for two production zones in 250 paddocks across Australia. The project's goal is to identify major constraints to production in different regions and soil types.

Square V worked with researchers to remove the need for paper-based data collection forms, by creating a basic website for data entry in the paddock. The website prompts the project team members to enter the required data for each paddock at the correct point in time, and handles diverse data such as images of weeds or crop diseases, yield maps, and soil tests. Collected data is available to scientists at the CSIRO for live analysis.

The National Paddock Survey website is a responsive website built in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET and C#, integrating to a SQL database, and synchronises data with the Yield Prophet crop modelling website.

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